Austofix F3 Femoral Nail

The Austofix F3 Femoral Nail is the lateral entry successor to the clinically successful Austofix F2 nail. The nail is designed for fixation of proximal and mid-shaft fractures of the femur. Intended for insertion from the greater trochanter, this nail provides a number of locking modes for stable fixation.


Additional information


Transverse Static locking mode for unstable shaft fractures.
Transverse dynamic mode for stable shaft fractures.
‘Recon’ mode for proximal fractures.

Material Options

Available in stainless steel and titanium


13-14mm (proximal), 11mm (distal)


320 – 440mm


Austofix 6.5mm hip screw (proximal), Austofix 4.8mm locking screw (distal)


Austofix Femoral Nail Instrument Tray


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The company was founded in 1993 in Australia. The main objective of this new company especially in the field of design and production of medical equipment and orthopedic services.