Austofix VRP Volar Radius Plate

The Austofix VRP is a fixed angle locking plate with patented Cobalt Chrome variable angle options. Designed for optimal screw placement, minimal tissue irritation, with multiple plate and screw options for increased surgical choice.


Additional information


Maximum strength with minimum soft tissue irritation
Easy to use drilling system
Titanium alloy screws for maximum strength and biocompatability
Patented Variable Angle Locking technology enabling fragment targeting.


Titanium alloy (Ti-6AI-4V)


Standard, wide, narrow, long

Size Options

3-12 hole narrow, standard or wide


2.5mm locking fully threaded screw, 2.0mm locking peg, 2.7mm cancellous fully threaded, 2.7mm partially threaded lag screw, 3.5mm cortical screw


Austofix VRP Set


Austofix is a proud South Australian medical device company leading in the areas of research, design, manufacturing and distribution of world-class orthopedic devices. The development of innovative orthopedic products designed for simplicity, stability and strength is Austofix’s main focus. Austofix’s success is measured through excellent clinical results and positive surgeon’s feedbacks.
The company was founded in 1993 in Australia. The main objective of this new company especially in the field of design and production of medical equipment and orthopedic services.