CardiAid AED

The CardiAid AED has been specially developed for use in public places for the purpose of performing life-saving defibrillation in the first critical minutes until professional help arrives.
• CardiAid works automatically and can be operated by anyone.
• Operating the CardiAid is 100% safe. The device only gives a shock when necessary.


Additional information


Paediatric treatment is available with special paediatric electrodes.
CardiAid combines an accurate ECG detection algorithm with high sensitivity.
current-based defibrillation technology for the most effective treatment
CardiAid guides the user step by step with a combination of clear voice instructions, illustrations and lights for the maximum efficiency.
CardiAid stores the ECG and incident data with the highest capacity in industry: up to 4 events with a total duration of 3 hours.
The AED available in 25 languages

Wave Form

Biphasic, current based

Delivered energy – Adult mode

170-270 j

Delivered energy – Paeditric mode

50-75 j

Shock Sequence

Constant or escalating, Programmable (factory settings)

Charging Time

Typically < 10 seconds, maximum < 15 seconds.

Analysis Time

Typically <10 seconds

Active Surface Area

166cm2 (adult), 86cm2 (paediatric)

Type of Energy source



Up to 210 shocks.

Monitoring Capacity

Up to 20 hours


11.2×30.4×30.1 cm


3.1 kg (including battery and electrodes)


Cardia International A/S is the manufacturer of CardiAid Automated External Defibrillators (AED) and other CardiAid branded products and accessories. Their headquarters are located in Denmark. AEDs are developed in Denmark and manufactured in Germany.