Collagen Matrix for soft tissue repair

Performing Ventral Hernia repair is a challenge for even the highest experienced surgeons since multiples variables may affect the expec­ted results of the surgery. Therefore the careful selection of the proper matrix and optimal surgi­cal practices are really important to optimize the successfull outcome of the procedure.

CELLIS® is one of the latest generation of the biologic implant combining drastic selection of tissues, exclusive manufacturing process pre­serving the natural structure of the dermis, no preservatives and a moderate price.
CELLIS® is manufactured with an exclusive process, based on our high experienced tissue acellularization. It has been developed with the aim of preserving the essential qualities of the best porcine dermis.

Naturally cross-linked: the purification process of MECCELLIS BIOTECH enables to preserve the natural structure of the dermis and thus its natural crosslinking. This exclusive process avoids the addi­tion of chemical crosslinking agents.

Preservative-free: The CELLIS® matrix uses the freeze dry technology which allows long-term pre­servation in a double sterile packaging without preservatives.


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100% biologic: no preservative agent
Adapted shapes
Easy to use
Fast hydration


Meccellis Biotech was created from the meeting of an Engineer in Biological Engineering and 2 Business Engineers specialized in surgery. These three surgical specialists combined their experience and expertise to form Meccellis Biotech, a French company expert in cell and tissue regeneration, is a consequence of a meeting of some Business Engineers, Biological Engineers and Doctors who have gathered all their expertise as a group. Meccellis Biotech is developing its skills in the Aquitaine region (west of France) in order to develop the surgical innovations of tomorrow. Thus, the Scientific Committee of Meccellis Biotech is composed exclusively of surgeons’ specialists involved in the orientation and monitoring of R&D programs present and future. Meccellis Biotech has established a special partnership to achieve its R&D programs with expert companies in collagen and re-absorbable biopolymers and biomedical applications. This scientific committee helps us to develop new products to treat patients affected by complex pathologies and where cell and tissue regeneration engineering could answer to clinical needed not resolved yet.